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formspring #90

HAHA. I’m not alone. My arms are like a bat’s wings. lol. section 10 ka pala. ang layo natin. sayang.

I don’t know how I will describe mine. It’s flabby. LOL. =)) Baka pumayat tayo kakaaral. :)) Sayang nga. Hanggang ngayon wala pa rin talaga akong kilala. :|

and i was born to tell u i love u

Who are you? O_O

how do i get better once ive had the best

Shall I sing the next line? XD

wehhh ..


Are you chinese?

A part. I think 1/4 or 1/8. :)

di ko kasi mapanuod ung episode8 mash up. errr T__T san ka nagddload? torrent file lang?

Yup. Dun lang. Loyal na ako dun. :)

new post sa tumblr? :)

Meron naman a. :)

ello po. uhm, can i ask po where did you download Dear John? THANKS PO. :)

Torrent sites po such :)

see you around, 2nd year nursing student here at UST :)

Wee. Hi Ate. :”> Nahiya ako. XD

What do you think is the greatest challenge that your generation will face? 

Your question caught me off guard. Aren’t you included in our generation? TeeHee. I’ll answer your question. :)

I guess it’s something about proving ourselves to the other generation that we can do something. Most of them complains how our generation is lazy, liberated and such things. Buti pa daw nung panahon nila. Something like that. I know we can prove them wrong.

yung kay taylor swift=)) hehehe.. thank you! ;) >

Ohh. Osige. Tumblr ask mo sa akin para hindi ko makalimutan. :))

So USTe ka na? Sa ADMU na ako mag-aaral. ;) Wish me luck naman, ‘te. Haha. God bless sa’yo. ;) 

Naks naman. Oo naman Alvin! Kayang-kaya mo yun e. Good luck sa atin! :D God bless din. :)

hello 2 all



Hello. :)

hi ate :D 

Hi Kate! :D

Hala? Magaling ka nga po eh. :) Pano po ba ung typos na nagalaw? haha 

Hindi po a. Sila ang magaling hindi ako. :) Yung mga gif photos? By frame yun. Try mo magsearch sa youtube. :D

comment on: “the kinkiest deed done.” ;p 

I don’t have one yet. Hohoho. :))